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Ramjibhai never had any selfish intentions of keeping the rewards of his efforts only for himself and his family. Such tendencies were not in his nature. He was a very generous person and believed that as many people as possible should benefit from the work he did. If his achievements did not benefit others then these achievements did not give him any gratification. He was always ready to distribute the fruits of his labours with a free hand. Many examples of his foresight and generosity can be seen in his personal and public life. All of Kamani’s factories benefitted from Kamani Industry’s contacts in India and abroad, their own expert engineers, the successful outcomes of their experiments and Ramjibhai’s own experience, so Ramjibhai was inspired to start a scheme whereby others could also get the same benefits.
During a visit to America, Shri Poonamchand, his eldest son had spoken to an engineer about Ramjibhai’s foresight and generosity.  This American engineer took great interest in this matter and put forward a plan to Shri Poonamchand as to how these qualities could be given concrete form.
A plan was put into action to establish an institution whereby the various factories of Kamani Industries would be able to avail of expert guidance, advice and suggestions for industrial diversification and manufacture of new items; and these benefits would also be available others. Such an institution came into existence on the 4th September, 1962 under the name of ‘Consultant Private Ltd.’ This institution was set up in such a way that it could give expert advice and suggestions on the engineering aspects and also on managerial aspects. Expert technical advice on different aspects of engineering was being carried out in a big way in America, England and Canada – arrangements were made to get expert guidance in various fields from some institutions in these countries. These institutions were: Triphels & Rosetti, McKay & Funelmen and Shovnigan Engineering Company.
To enable others to avail of this expert guidance and advice, experienced, senior engineers from the Kamani group – Shri N.R. Parikh, P.C.N. Mazumdar and J.S. Fevrani - were appointed as directors of the consulting company that had been formed. Another director, Prof. S.V. Ghatalia was appointed to give advice related to financial and taxation matters, Shri V. Ishwaran, who was an ex-minister of Gujarat and a retired ICS officer was appointed as an executive director, John Porters, Prof. Cyril Rekar and Dr. Aloz Zoomer from Yugoslavia and the ex chief engineer of the Swedish Power Board, O.D. Zatar and Prof. D.E. Othmar from the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in America were taken as expert technical directors.
In the short span of three years this institution gave expert technical advice to Kamani Industries, for development, diversification and industrial expansion. In addition, keeping these organisations in mind, it gave expert guidance on financial and managerial matters for the growth and development of Kamani Engineering, Kamani Metals and Alloys, Kamani Metalic Oxide, Kamani Tubes. It also gave a great deal of expert advice and guidance on matters related to the labour problems of the workers of Indian Rubber, the new buildings of Kamani Chambers and the schemes for manufacture of industrial jewels.
In addition the institution also showed its readiness to give expert advice on the schemes of Kamani Industries in the planning stage and at each new phase.
The institution also gave expert advice and guidance for the development and diversification of other industries in the country, which were in different fields from those in which Kamani Industries was involved. Thus Ramjibhai’s broad minded ideas gradually became a reality.           

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