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I met the late Ramjibhai many years ago. Since that time I have seen simplicity, honesty and importance of religion in his life. Showing his spirit of adventure he has carried out great work in the industrial field on his own strength; the benefit and progress of the nation was always at the focus of whatever work he did to expand and develop the industry.
During his lifetime, Ramjibhai never lost any opportunity to help the people financially, and serve them with body and mind. We can see, even today, that his humane work left a deep impression on people’s minds.
He had a great love for local items, especially khadi. The fact that he totally accepted khadi in his life was a result of Gandhiji’s influence. It was also with Gandhiji’s encouragement that he started working for Harijans, he continued this work throughout his life and gave it the utmost importance. He had been taught righteous tendencies right from his childhood and always had Gandhiji’s support, both directly and indirectly, in using the correct methods to make his life prosperous.
Ramjibhai was an idealistic and sensitive person. He started his career from the lowest rung of the ladder. He knew what poverty was and because of this he understood the necessity for self discipline, simplicity and serving the people. He firmly believed in high moral values in his life. He believed it was his duty to serve the poor and sick, and this was is why he made as many anonymous donations as he made public donations. Service to the under privileged was the guiding principle in his life. He considered the staff and workers in his business and factories as members of his family and because of this they all loved and respected him. The simplicity which Ramjibhai believed in his life also made an impression on his family and other people. His simplicity was not only evident in the way he dressed, it was also clearly seen in his eating habits, the way he travelled, his thoughts and communication. He led a simple and cultured life. His life benefited others. I have no doubt that everybody will learn something from his biography. This is why, when his son Poonamchand requested me to write the foreword to this book, I gladly agreed to do so. I firmly believe that by reading the story of Ramjibhai’s life, future generations will be inspired.

5, Duplay Road,                                                                                                       Morarji Desai
New Delhi, 11

Dated 14.9.1971 

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