Monday, 8 July 2013

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to

Ms Anu Sheth who has done an excellent translation of the biography of late Shri Ramjibhai Kamani, for his grandchildren to read.

Ms Anu Sheth was teaching in St Xavier's College in the Department of Physics and did her Ph.D from TIFR before getting into publication.   Ms Anu Sheth she worked as an acquisition Editor for Wiley Eastern Ltd.,  where  she dealt with their scientific and technical books.  After she retired she  continued editing books on a free lance basis for various publishers.  These were of course mainly scientific and technical books. However she has started branching out into editing general (non fiction) books. 

This translation from Gujarati to English is the first she has done though new and challenging field for her as although she is Gujarati, she was born,  brought up and did her schooling in England. So Ms Sheth’s Gujarati was self taught.

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